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Where we come from | reBuy is the easy-to-use online reCommerce retailer. It all started with an idea of two students and increased into a million dollar vision. Today reBuy is one of the leading players in European reCommerce industry with 400 employees and grew up into a powerful busi­ness. You can be part of our exciting journey!

What reBuy does | reBuy is the simple buying and selling Internet Shop. Users can buy and sell refurbished media and electronic items. Compared to online auction houses and marketplaces re-Buy is particularly simple, fast and secure in its user interface and implementation. All in all, users can buy refurbished qualitative products up to 50% cheaper. All items are sold here with an 18- months functional warranty.

Think of reBuy's tech department as a robot | A ninja robot! Riding a pirate ship made out of lego that suddenly transforms into a rocket. It's the super robot you've always wanted as a little kid, with bells, and whistles and all. It's smart, it can talk, has lazers and always comes up with a great joke. Of course, it adheres to the Asimov Laws. It's a flying super hero who always has your back. Without a cape, though. We know what happens with capes. Sure, you'd fight with him eve­ry now and then and call him a smart ass. But he'd never ever hurt you because he believes in the same goals and is constrained by the three laws of robotics. So really, he just can't help it. ;-)

He is as pragmatic as anyone can be, so he might come up with solutions you wouldn't expect or agree with at first. Eventually, you'll learn to embrace the solutions and begin to even like them. Yes, he's sort of a nerd. But he also empowers you to do things beyond your dreams. He's your wingman if you need one, holds your hand when it gets bumpy and helps you solving the Rubik's Cube. What else? He loves wearing hoodies and drinks beer with people he knows. Deep down, he's actually a little shy. Oh, and he runs on cake. Mhh cake, at we love cake. Who doesn't like cake anyway?

What we offer | We are offering a unique job in an innovation-friendly company within an in­spiring and flourishing environment. You have the free choice of your OS and IDE. We will provide you state of the art hardware. Our hierarchy is and will always be flat. Our atmosphere is open­minded: Something you want to change? Or something to introduce? Let us talk about it. The pro­jects have a broad scope for codecision- making. Our goals are ambitious and the will lead us to exciting paths.

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