reBuy and the transformation of used goods into code

In case you haven’t heard about reBuy yet – here is your chance to get to know us a bit better ;)

reBuy is more than a pure online shop, we have been on the market for 13 years and have grown into a powerful business. We are dealing with pre-owned goods, an unlimited resource that is dependent on customers, selling their dearest belongings to us. As of right now, we have 3.4 million customers, handle 100.000 articles per day (in- and outbound) and send 15.000 packages to our customers from our own warehouse in Berlin- Rudow.

To fulfill high customer expectations our Tech Department, located in our head office in Berlin Schöneberg, works hand in hand with our Logistics. We have developed highly specialized quality checks that allow us to offer a simple buying process.

As the business model and the processing volume is not fun enough, we decided that certain critical operations should happen near real time. That includes stock movement, item availability and pricing.

To achieve our high goals/ requirements we are powering all this with …

  • A service orientated architecture spiced with an event driven system resulting in more than 50 various java and scala services that expose a JSON rest API and an event system driven powered by RabbitMQ that handles 65 million messages per day
  • One TB of Data stored in mysql and postgres
  • Solr with 3.5 million reads per day on one catalogue for searching and all calculated price and product data.
  • reBuy has one of the biggest product catalogue of pre-owned goods on the German market.
  • 87 uniques services that are hosted on AWS using docker and currently occupying 270 containers that are managed using Kubernetes
  • Java8 and spring to power our API services
  • 1 and Symfony3.3 for our web platform
  • Typescript, Angular4 with webpack for frontend magic
  • Various technologies like Ruby, Python, Go and Kotlin to master day to day tasks
  • Graylog that handles 1 million message per hour, new relic, Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry and Nagios give us the insights we need to keep an eye on our architecture

Five years ago all this wasn’t existing yet. We had one huge PHP monolith based on Zend Framework 1. Our code was unmaintainable, not performing well and not scalable so we had to change things.

Our Web, Finance, Platform and Logistics teams as well as our BI and Product Management team count in total 45 smart minds, who are working hand in hand throughout the company to extend and improve the technological foundation and thus to fulfill our expected growth.

What is more, reBuy is looking for some smart and enthusiastic engineers with either a PHP, Java or DevOps background to accompany our awesome teams on our journey! So don’t hesitate and start to work in an environment full of possibilities, where cake is not only desired but idolised ;)


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