Citrix Netscaler / Architect

Job Title : Citrix Netscaler / Architect

Location : Munich, , Germany

Job Type : Contract

Job Description :
1. Architect Design NetScaler Farm Infra, includes HA, GSLB, SDX HA,Backup Restore Strategy. 2. NetScaler compliance with Network security Audit. 3. NetScaler APP Firewall. 4. NetScaler VPX MPX SDX Firmware upgrade from 10.1 to 11.1. 5. NetScaler DDOS layer 7 attack shield. 6. Insight update with latest service pack & Reporting with Geo option. 7. Command center /Command center Database upgrade/Monitoring. 8. Working on NetScaler MAS deployment. 9. NetScaler GSLB implementation. 10. Act as Bemis core NetScaler engineer Lead Architect. 11. NetScaler Technical Change ticket demo to Bemis CAB Directors Networking Managers. 12. NetScaler SDX Profile Manger.
Proficiency in English Language is Desirable
Inserent NP Tech Solutions Limited
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